It’s in the morning, went to go grab coffee. Very average, I look outside and I see a man smoking outside while eating a banana.

I’m trying to find an image or video of what just took place. Found some interesting things.

1. Multiple websites with inquires like “Will smoking banana peels get you high?”

1a. Apparently there’s something called “…Bananadine in them which is a psychoactive tryptamine chemically related to LSD and DMT.” and other funny chemical names like Bananyocine, Bananodin, and Banrack (which is the street-name named after its crack-rock like shape.) 

 2a. Originally a hoax was designed to raise questions about the ethics of making psychoactive drugs illegal and prosecuting those who took them: “what if the common banana contained psychoactive properties, how would the government react?” 

2. And this video of some dudes smoking weed out from a hollowed out banana. 

Ode to you man smoking while eating a banana. Now I know more useless things.